Customer Service
Help is just a click away. At HairVeda, our customers are like family! We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will always uphold our friendly and down to earth service! 
You are our top priority! 

1-301-832-132 Customer Help. We'll either call you back or email you with a response within 24 hrs. Please leave your first and last name and contact information to expedite service.


Customers: For less pressing customer service issues Email Us

Business: For business inquiries. Email us at 

Tracking problems:
Sometimes due to USPS technical issues, you may not be able to track your order for a number of days. In most cases your items will arrive before you are able to view tracking information. If you have any questions, please
contact us. We will assist you in tracking your package.

Lost or Stolen Package:
Once your HairVeda/UrbanAroma order is in the possession of the USPS carrier/postal service, we are not responsible for your package if it is lost or stolen. If you order totals $100 or more, we will pay for insurance to secure your purchase. Please contact us for insurance information if you have a claim.

If your package is stolen/lost while in the care of USPS we cannot replace the items.
All missent or lost packages are the responsibility of USPS. Please contact the nearest post office/sorting office to work out any shipment problems. We only have the capacity to track a package.

Please contact us if you have questions about this policy. We will try to help you locate your package.

About Shipping fees: The shipping fee we charge goes directly to USPS to deliver your items. Your payment is forwarded to the United States Post Office to deliver your package. If your order is being returned to us, we will refund your item (minus the shipping fees) once the item is received.
If we do not receive your returned item, we cannot issue a refund. If you would like your items to be resent once it is in our possession, you are responsible for paying additional shipping and handling fees.
Canadian Packages:
International orders are final. Due to policy, we are unable to mark your package as "Gifts". Your parcel will be marked as "Merchandise". You are responsible for all customs/duty fees. Orders totaling over $100 will be covered by insurance. Please check with your local mail service if your package is has been lost or stolen.

Order Changes:
If you would like to add an additional item or modify your order, simply
email us and we will be happy to assist you. 
Multiple Orders:
If you place 2 orders in the same day, HairVeda/UrbanAroma will refund 1/2 of the shipping of your second order and ship the items together if possible. If we are unable bundle your items in one package, we will refund the remaining balance of your shipping payment.

Shipping to 2 Addresses:
We can ship 1 single order to 2 different locations. Shipping addresses must be located in the continental 48 states (additional shipping fee may apply).
Please provide additional shipping address & order instructions in the comments section of the order form.
Email us if you need assistance.

If you wish to cancel your order,
email the HairVeda Staff no later than 24 hours after your order is placed. Once your recieve a confirmation email, your cancellation window has expired. If you have already recieved a shipping notice through email, your package has already been shipped.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will always uphold our friendly and down to earth service! Contact us if you have any problems with your order once it arrives!