Quotes After recently taking the "big chop", searching for products that weren't too greasy, wouldn't leave my hair feeling really dry, & trying other recommended brands, I thought I would give Hairveda a try. Am I every so glad that I did. I must say the Whipped Creme does EXACTLY what it says it will do, softens, adds shine, & gives life to hair. Out of all the products I've tried in my search, this is the one that has stood up to it's name and what it says it will do. All I can say is, I'm HOOKED & can't wait to try other products. Thank You Hairveda for the great products! Quotes
I'm Lovin' It

Quotes I found out about your products from a U tube video. I tried the rinse and the shampoo and I am IN LOVE!!! I just ordered some other things from your product line and I am very excited about my purchase. Thank You Hairveda for making such versatile products and designing them for us that have had problems with dry hair and scalp. God Bless!! I am Hooked Quotes
Great Products

Quotes I fell in love with these products right away. The big big advantage is that it makes my hair so smooth I could delay relaxing my hair for months. I've now decided to transition to natural hair since march 2012 and I know hairveda is gonna be a big part of my success. my only problem is that I'm in Montreal and delivery is very long and expensive. i really wish there would be a selling point in Montreal!! i'm sure people would go crazy! thank you for your good service and products. Quotes
really good products

Quotes I am relaxed and I follow the product guide for my hair. The results have left me amazed because I truly believed that my hair would remain dry no matter what I tried. I am very pleased with these products and will continue to use them as my hair staples. Quotes
Dry hair a thing of the past

Quotes After MANY trial & errors (and much money spent), my hair has FINALLY met its match. This stuff is amazing and keeps my hair in check even on bad hair days. I've finally found a product line that is money WELL spent and not wasted because of the quality of the ingredients. You can tell this company definitely looks out for it's customers' satisfaction. Great job guys, keep it up and keep making my hair happy! Quotes
*as my hair sings in Prince's voice* Adore you!!!

Quotes Just imagine a roller set on a smaller roller lol and you have straight bouncy curls at the end of sitting under the dryer for one hour or so. That is what I get from just using Whipped Creme on wet hair. Once my hair drys that is my end result. Where the whipped gelly comes in, I lay my baby hair down with it, I will use it to control my frizz through out the week. It is great for just about anything you can think of on your hair. It is not your run of the mill gel. It will lay it down but it is also very light and creamy. Quotes
Umm Khaliyl
I am so in Love

Quotes At first I was only using this product for my night care before I plaited my hair up for the night until I started using it as a leave in during the day after my co wash. When I say that my hair is soft I really mean it. I love the different uses that I have found for this one product. When I started out with this company I was using the whipped green tea butter my whole family was using it for hair and skin but I needed something for my curls and I found it. Quotes
Whipped Creme Ends Hydration